Castle Clash Cheats 2014

Do you like playing combat strategy game? Do you want to develop your creativity by playing real time game? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you should try Castle Clash game. Castle Clash is a very engaging and addictive combat strategy game developed by IGG which is a well known game developing company. It is not quite different from other games in that genre but it has its unique features and peculiarities that mark it out from others. Your objective in this game is to battle yourself to glory by building formidable combatants that will crush and conquer your enemies.  Since it was introduced, millions of accounts have been created thanks to its polished gameplay. Castle Clash cheats are available on Android devices and iOS.

Castle Clash-cheatsIGG shows its experience and expertise in the creation of this game. The company included a lot of features that will enable players to develop their creativity. First, if you have not played the game before, there is no cause for alarm. Once you enter the game, you will learn how to play the game from a tutorial called Newbie Guide. After learning the basic and important elements of the game, you can begin to play the game. However, you can only enjoy the game if you have a strong working internet connection. With a stable internet connection, you will be able to go through the adventures of the game, attack and defend yourself without any interruptions. Castle Clash cheat codes 2014 will help you to achieve great results much faster.

After successfully launching yourself into the game, your next target will be to build a strong base containing buildings of various kinds. The base will also serve as a fortress for you. Highly talented and creative players can build fortress which their enemies will not be able to penetrate or pull down. A strong base should include walls, hero traps, watch tower and bomb traps.

Contrary to the thinking of many people, Castle Clash as a combat strategy game does not only help players to develop their creativity. The game will also help them to acquire competitive spirit. The game is somehow a competitive game. This is because your target will be to win a battle which is not always easy. Trying to win in the battle will help you to acquire a competitive spirit. The nature of the game pushes you to make more effort and try to succeed. The battle is realistic and looks like real life battle. But the most interesting aspect of it is that they are fast-paced making you to think deeply and effectively utilize your time. Every development you make will make you more powerful.

Castle Clash has 5 basic features that will help you to emerge victorious in battles. These features are:

  • The relic hall
  • A heroes altar
  • The hero bas
  • The army camp
  • The arena

You attack your enemy first. However, you don’t want to attack your enemy, you can always protect yourself against the attacks of the enemy with shields.

Players have multiple options to choose from. You can opt for the multiplayer modes or single player mode. In the multiplayer mode, you will be engaging random real opponent in battle while in the single player mode you will combat with already established bases.